All rides must be scheduled 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, an additional $5 will be charged. 
Rides canceled without 12 hours notice will still be charged.


  • 0-5 miles: $12
  • 6-10 miles: $17
  • 11 miles and up: $17 base rate plus $1.50/per mile

Group Rates (2-6 passengers with same pick-up and drop-off locations)

  • 0-5 miles: $17
  • 6-10 miles: $27
  • 11 miles and up: $27 base rate plus $1.50/per mile

Additional Charges

  • If ride pick up location is more than 10 miles from our home office, there will be a $5 charge added to ride.
  • Last minute rides (scheduled within less than 24 hours) cost an additional $5.
  • If you ask us to wait while your child is at the activity we charge in 15 minute increments at $5 each ($20 per hour).
  • If time between drop off and pick up is less than an hour, we have the right to charge wait time.


  • Any place in Peters Twp. to South Hills Village is $12
  • Refer a friend and receive a free ride!
  • Receive a 5% discount when you schedule recurring rides for the month.