PRICING/per ride

  0-5 miles-$12

 6-10 Miles-$17

11 miles and up $17 base rate plus $1.50/per mile


*group rates

0-5 miles-$17

6-10 Miles-$27

11 miles and up $27 base rate, plus $1.50 per Mile


**Last minute

base fair plus $5



RECEIVE a 5% discount when you schedule recurring

rides for the month



Any place in peters TWP. to south hills village is $12


WAIT TIME-$20 PER HOUR or $5 per each 15 minutes

If you ask us to wait while your child is at the activity we charge in 15 minute increments

If time between drop off and pick up is less than an hour, we have the right to charge wait time


IF ride pick up location is more than 10 miles from home office there will be a $5 charge added to ride


and receive a free ride

CANCELLATION FEES-Rides canceled without 12 hours notice will still be charged


* Group consists of 2-6 passengers being picked up at the same location,  and dropped off at the same location.

**Last minute ride is ride scheduled with in less than 24 hours