Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kidlift located and where does it service?
Kidlift is currently available in the south hills.  We serve washington and allegheny counties..

When would I use Kidlift?
Kidlift can be used any time you need to get your kids somewhere and you just can’t do it yourself. You can schedule recurring or one-time rides as far in advance as you like and up until 7pm the night before your ride.

How do I use Kidlift?

It's easy!  Go to the scheduling page and schedule your times you will need rides.  You will receive an email when you request a ride. Later, Kidlift will send you a confirmation text or email if we will be able to make the ride.  You will be notified once your child is picked up and dropped off.  

How much does Kidlift cost?
Fares are based on estimated mileage. Details on our current pricing can be found on the pricing page.

Do I pay monthly or by the ride?
You can do both! There are no membership fees and you can purchase rides in advance

How far will you drive my child?
We do not have a limit for how far we will drive. If a driver is willing to drive the distance, they’ll do the ride!

Are there any locations you won’t drive to?
You can schedule a ride to any location you like.. If, however, the location feels unsafe to your child’s driver, we will contact you for confirmation before dropping off your child.

Are there rules of conduct for drivers?
Yes. We hold all our drivers to high standards. Our guidelines and zero-tolerance policies are are given to each driver. 

Are there rules of conduct for riders?
Yes. We expect children riding in our cars to be respectful and reasonably well-behaved. Common courtesy to the driver is expected. 

How can I be confident that my kids are safe?
Safety is our #1 priority. We have developed safety procedures to give parents a peace of mind. Please visit our safety page for more information.

What is the “secret code word” your asking me to create for my child?
We ask that you and your child create a secret code word that is used to verify their drivers identity. This is a word or phrase that your child will be able to remember. When the driver arrives, they will give the secret code word to the child so the child knows this is their driver. Another security measure is that your driver will arrive only in a yellow KidLift shirt with the blue and green "KL" on it. 

Do you provide booster seats?
Yes. Certified booster seats are available upon request.